Check if a cron job has been started

16 May 2021 Off Door Bjorn Meijer

After a cron job has been created or has been added by a software package, you want to be sure whether the task has actually been scheduled and started.
A cron is a daemon (in Windows terms services) which performs scheduled tasks.

Cron does not have its own log. Presumably because cron is integrated with the operating system. To check the status of the cron jobs will have to check your status in the syslog file. This can be found in /var/log/syslog.

By default, only starting a cron job registered.

If you know the name of a cron job and you want to know if it has started you can check this with the grep command.

grep -i ecu -r /var/log/syslog

Adding the -i option to the grep command makes the search value case insensitive.

Do you want to know which cron jobs all started there or you don't know the name of the cron Job?
Then use the command cron service status.