Bjorn Meijer

November 3, 2021 Off Door Bjorn Meijer
Bjorn Meijer
Project Manager
Software knowledge
Microsoft Excel
  • Automate processes using macros and VBA.
  • Designing reports and dashboards.
  • Visualizing data in graphs and tables.
  • Create and use functions.
  • General use of Excel.
Microsoft Word
  • Preparation of reports and offers.
  • Automate processes using macros and VBA.
  • Designing forms with data fields.
  • Create and apply mailing lists.
  • Writing macros for Word and Excel.
  • Creating functions and procedures.
Microsoft Power BI

Importing and modeling of various data sources.

Creating Dashboards for energy monitoring and data analysis.

Create and maintain a program in which all equipment items are kept in use within the company. This makes it possible to keep track of when a piece of equipment has to be inspected, who the owner is, and inspection certificates can be stored/displayed.


Maintain various websites. Install and work with themes, plugins.

Writing texts, pages and (news) messages.

Other skills

Preparation and development of various maintenance and fault reports.

To communicate

In my position I communicate a lot. Both by e-mail, telephone and in person. This concerns both clients, managers and other employees. I can adapt my way of communicating to the circumstances or the audience.


Checking/editing or drawing up maintenance and malfunction reports is one of my daily activities in which I have more than ten years of experience.


Making calculations for maintenance contracts and quotations is part of my daily activities.

Fault investigation

Investigating and resolving malfunctions of ATES remotely.


The Dutch language in my mother tongue. Both speech and writing are good.


I can read and write the English language fluently.


I can read and understand the German language.


I can read, understand and speak the Swedish language a little.

Work experiences
Project Manager
De Ruiter Grondwatertechniek bv2018 – present

De Ruiter Grondwatertechniek bv is a progressive company in sustainable energy. We realize and maintain many ATES installations throughout the Netherlands.

Within this company I work as a project manager in the Service and Maintenance department. I am responsible for the projects in my order book, both financially and technically, and I lead a small group of people.

Project supervisor
De Ruiter Grondwatertechniek bv2011 – 2018

As a project supervisor I supported the project leaders. I wrote many maintenance and malfunction reports and gave advice to clients. I have implemented various process improvements over the years, which made it possible to work faster, more efficiently. An example of this is that maintenance is now performed via an app on the phone or tablet instead of on paper.

In addition, I was the first point of contact in case of malfunctions. If possible, I logged into the installation and investigated the malfunction. If the fault could not be solved remotely, I sent a service technician on site to fix the fault. Possibly with my support.

Mechatronics teacher
Regio College Zaandam2008 -2011

For the mechatronics course, I made innovative teaching assignments and ensured that the teaching materials matched well. I took care of the lessons for the first to the third grade. I also supervised the participants from the first to the third year during their internship.

I taught strengths lessons for both the engineering and mechatronics classes.

In addition to the above tasks, I was the initiator and main responsible for organizing excursions/end-of-year events for the students.

I was also responsible for writing the Education and Exam Regulations.

Work planner/calculator
Beuker Kunststoffen BV2006 – 2008

Beuker Kunststoffen is specialized in the production of custom-made plastic products and inspection pits (sewer pits), buffer tanks and grease separators. My work within this company was very varied, in which I felt very much at home.

As a work planner/calculator I was responsible within a team of three people for making preliminary calculations and quotations, working drawings and production orders.

To increase efficiency and prevent the chance of errors, I have adapted/improved the existing calculation program, which was made in Excel.

Extra curricualar activities
Chairman of the audit committee
Dartbond Zaanstreek Purmerend2016 – 2023

As chairman I am responsible for the track and match controls within the dart association DBZP. For track checks, I will contact the relevant playground to schedule an appointment. I direct the other members of the committee to carry out runway checks. Furthermore, match checks are carried out in which teams are checked for the correct completion of match forms and that the players' passes are present. In case of irregularities I report to the board.

Secretary and member administrator
IJs en inline skateclub Purmerend2018 – present

As a board member within the association, I am the point of contact for the outside world such as the press. I am also responsible for the membership file. Entering new members and processing changes and deregistering members.

In addition to my board position, I provide skating and inline skating lessons to youth members.

Swedish language course
People's University Amsterdam2022 – heden

After many years of holidaying in Sweden, I finally decided to really learn the language through an evening course. Although the Swedes speak excellent English, I would like to speak the language in the country where I am at that moment.

Specialization operation open and closed systems (E)

During the Specialization course on the operation of open and closed systems, the operational management of open and closed systems is discussed in more detail. The student learns what monitoring and management are, how to make a multi-year maintenance budget and how linking aboveground and underground systems works in practice (integral approach). In addition, the ins and outs surrounding supervision and enforcement by the province and municipality are discussed. The AMvB soil energy is the guideline in this regard. Finally, common failure factors are discussed. The aim of this course is to proactively implement exploitation. The HUM, the BUM and the Water Act are the guiding principles in this regard. The course leads us from the design of geothermal energy systems to the exploitation and explains all the ins and outs.

Basic course Soil Energy Craftsmanship (B)

The Basic Soil Energy Craftsmanship Course provides the basis for professionals who deal with underground and above-ground soil energy systems in the built environment.

The essential parts that both an underground and above-ground designer should know are treated and examined in the basic course. Work is carried out in accordance with the current standards for soil energy arising from the Orders in Council, detailed in the SKIB protocol for the subsurface. For the topsoil, this has been elaborated in ISSO 39 for open systems. For the closed systems, the existing ISSO publications 72 and 80 have been used as much as possible for the above ground. After following the basic course, the student knows the basic design rules for both underground and above-ground systems.

Training Operation in Top Control
Priva Building Technology2013

Course on the use of Priva Top Control.

Mechanical engineering teacher training 2nd degree
EHvA2006 – 2011

Part-time teacher training in mechanical engineering.

Finite Element Method Course